6 ways to stay inspired.🀩

With all the daily pumping out of creativeness, it can be exhausting. The pressure, the frustrations. How do you stay positive despite everything?

1. Have objectives or goals.

What do you want at the end of it all? What you want to achieve, acts like a motivation. This way you will stay focused and keep your mind on the prize.

2. Hang around people that inspire you & that help you grow.

This can be your mentor, role model, favorite celebrity or blogger, family member.

3. Stay healthy and fit.

Let’s be honest, you cannot go around your daily routine feeling unwell.

*Stay hydrated.

* Plan for check-ups with your doctor.

*Eat fruits.

*Get enough exercise.

4. Hunger to learn.

Get new skills, learn new things, embrace new ideas. Explore different cultures. Be diverse. It could create opportunities.

5. Treat yourself.

Plan for a road trip, go get a makeover, go swimming, go have your favorite drink at a happy place, look good. Basically do something you love for you.

When you look good, you feel good.😍

6. Spend time with family and friends.

As much as you have a tight schedule and busy days, family and friends can serve as a great therapy. Create beautiful memories.

The truth is, so many things can inspire us. What keeps you inspired?

Share and let’s inspire, grow and most of all πŸ’œ.


Every time I walk in the streets of Nairobi I ask myself “why does everyone want to live in a very crowded place?” A place where you have to hold on to your wallet or you will loose it? A place where you literally rub shoulders with people as you walk? Let me take your mind for a walk😊….

So…I was born and raised in ‘shagz’ (a sheng word meaning rural areas). The many people I grew up with, left, and guess what? They never came back…you want to know why they left? Well, that’s a story for another day. If I ever got a job in the city I’d still come back and start a home at ushagoh…u wanna know why? I’mma tell you why….

*Damn! There is so much space. I wonder where my grandpa got all the money to buy the land. Or may be they were given for free by ‘gava’. I mean I could start my own kacity there..build a mall and an airstrip! Why the hell then would I want to live in a place where even clothe lines are a hustle?!

* Do you know what wakes me up in the morning? In shagz? Wait for it….the sweetest of voices! Beautiful melodies of birds singing to their creator! Not the sound of a noisy neighbors woofer that is almost breaking your doors and windows!! Did I mention the clean air? The beautiful blue clear sky? The breeze of the swinging trees? The green cover? And the sunrise? U never want to miss it…dreeeeaaaamy!

*Wait a minutecan you do farming?’ That’s what I always ask the young stars in colleges…you know what they tell me? Well…not all of them of course. They say NO!!! Tell me..how many graduates do we have every year? Sorry you said how many? Yes!!! Thousands! And they all want employment of course. Where am I headed with this? Agribusiness!! It is a great adventure and it pays!! Not immediately but it definitely will.

Guys let’s not go to shagz only during holidays. Like now, January you can only see two youths in every 50 people. Of course if you have a great job you can live in the best parts of the city. All am saying is, let’s be diverse and see opportunities. Don’t go to live in the city to please people yet you have left so much potential in ushagoh!

Ushagoh may not have them spas, the clubs, the malls & the Javas but it can definitely buy them!